Father’s Day – June 2012

Father’s Day

It has been almost 5 years since I separated from my wife.  June 2012:

I should be celebrating father’s day with my kids.  Eating my favorite food, with my kids and wife.  Laughing. Happy. Smiling. Instead I am packing my stuff, grabbing my shirts, pants, underwear and shoes.  Just getting the basics, no one is at home.  Wife took kids to mall to get a present knowing that I was leaving home soon.  I look at the walls, pictures frames, tile floor, and memories come like rapids water, uncontrollable, too fast to be able to maneuver.

I remember getting married to the most beautiful Mexican petite woman 14 years ago. I remember  when my kids were born, I remember painting the walls, taking them to school, going on awesome vacation trips, fun times, family times. Too many memories.  I feel sad about my kids, my wife, I feel sorry about myself.  I am crying alone, well actually just “Trex” is witness to my miserable feelings.  Trex is a small and white malti-poo dog.  He follows me every where I go, kids love him. He knows.  He is sad too.

How in the hell I ended up in this situation?  What happened? What mistakes we made? I made. she made. Why?


This blog

What is this blog about? This is about my story, a true story.  I am male over 40 years old and separated.  It has being a crazy time, at least to me.  I was not expecting to be separated from my wife and kids at this stage of my life.  Everything in this blog is real, I just changed names, jobs and situations in order to protect the real identities.  The blog is very sexual by nature, and some situations are very explicit. Some of you might be asking why? I do not know, maybe I do not have anyone to tell the things I go thorough, maybe some of you are going through the same situation and either you learn from my mistakes or my decisions.  Maybe this blog is just to myself in an effort to see what the hell I am doing.  I am just here to write away and try to remember as much as I can….let’s begin.