Father’s Day – June 2012

Father’s Day

It has been almost 5 years since I separated from my wife.  June 2012:

I should be celebrating father’s day with my kids.  Eating my favorite food, with my kids and wife.  Laughing. Happy. Smiling. Instead I am packing my stuff, grabbing my shirts, pants, underwear and shoes.  Just getting the basics, no one is at home.  Wife took kids to mall to get a present knowing that I was leaving home soon.  I look at the walls, pictures frames, tile floor, and memories come like rapids water, uncontrollable, too fast to be able to maneuver.

I remember getting married to the most beautiful Mexican petite woman 14 years ago. I remember  when my kids were born, I remember painting the walls, taking them to school, going on awesome vacation trips, fun times, family times. Too many memories.  I feel sad about my kids, my wife, I feel sorry about myself.  I am crying alone, well actually just “Trex” is witness to my miserable feelings.  Trex is a small and white malti-poo dog.  He follows me every where I go, kids love him. He knows.  He is sad too.

How in the hell I ended up in this situation?  What happened? What mistakes we made? I made. she made. Why?


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